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"As far as the eye can see"

Erwin Keusch
Erwin Keusch
Director of photography:
Dietrich Lohmann
Bettina Lewertoff
Bernd Tauber, Aurore Clément, Jürgen Prochnow, Antonia Reininghaus, Hans-Michael Rehberg, Werner Kreindl

Erwin Keusch put it this way: ”The film is about the question, what is the truth and what is a lie, and how genuine are the feelings we show? Is there nothing but fraud and swindlers as far as the eye can see?”

A young man (played by Keusch discovery Bernd Tauber) lives a very secluded life until one day he is drawn into a matter of life and death. He inherits a fortune, but finds out about it much later than others. Two women (Aurore Clément and Antonia Reininghaus) want to swindle the rightful heirs and get to know him. Although they are at first just after the money, a relationship soon develops. Materialistic and idealistic intentions come into conflict. Desperation and disappointment lead all the participants to feel they have been cheated.

In a story that goes from Munich to Ile de Noirmoutier and on to Las Vegas and the Mexican border, Keusch puts together a psychologically gripping, extremely poetic crime story which at times fails to achieve its ambitious goals. But there is consolation in the excellent camera work of Dietrich Lohmann, who gained attention through his long collaboration with Rainer Werner Fassbinder (9 films) as well as the directors Kluge, Syberberg and Sinkel, plus the colourful, atmospheric music of Improved Sound Limited.
[Credit: Bär/Weber, Fischer Film Almanach 1981]